About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Nova Scientia is a multidisciplinary, electronic publication that publishes twice a year in the months of May and November; it is published by the Universidad De La Salle Bajío and aims to distribute unpublished and original papers from the different scientific disciplines written by national and international researchers and academics. It does not publish reviews, essay, bibliographical revisions, or professional applications.

If you wish to submit a paper to Nova Scientia, please do so in the following site:


Peer Review Process

Evaluation of pertinence

In order to assess the quality, feasibility and scientific rigor of the articles received, the Editorial Board of Nova Scientia reviews its pertinence before submitting them to the evaluation system denominated as ‘peer review’ carried out by the experts.

Arbitration process

Peer-review comprises two external reviewers that read and analyze the articles in order to determine both the validity of the ideas and the results, as well as their probable scientific impact. Following the practices of the different specialties for the area of Natural Sciences and Engineering, the open to arbitration variant will be used, in which the arbitrators know the name of the author they evaluate. For the area of Human and Social sciences, the double-blind study variant will be used, in which the anonymity of the arbitrator and the author is preserved. Generally, a publication is considered valid only when it has obtained the acceptance of both arbitrators. In case of controversy, the Editorial Board shall name a third arbitrator, who will have the role of awarding authority. Situations different to the ones described herein shall be resolved on a first instance by the Director of the journal and/or his Editorial Board. It is the intention of Nova Scientia that the arbitrators be selected among the most competent people of the specialty of the work that is going to be evaluated.

Letters to the Editor

They will be submitted to the same evaluation requirements and processes as the standard articles, unless the evaluation is done by an arbitrator, preferably one from the Editorial Board in order to quicken the revision and publication processes. The section of Letters to the Editor is designed for original contributions in the form of comments, replies or mistakes of already published articles, in addition to the preliminary results of researches that deserve to be published but that have not yet met the requirements of a valid article. Their length has been limited to 4 pages.

Journal History

It was created in March 2008, and published its first issue in November of the same year. Since then, it is regularly issued in the months of May and November. Subsequently, it has been included in different indexes such as Redalyc, Latindex, Dialnet, DOAJ, etc; since 2012 it belongs to the Índice de Revistas Mexicanas de Investigación (Index of Mexican Research Journals) of the CONACYT.


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